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A holiday at Culda’s Horses can be a tranquil holiday in nature, fishing, trips in a horse-drawn carriage (in winter with a horse-drawn sleigh), away from the noise, agglomeration, and pollution from the city, or an adventure to remember for a long time.
Riding - Culda’s Horses have 8 obedient horses trained for riding, and offer you the opportunity to ride from one hour up to ten days.
Our riding offer cover a large number of possibilities:

Riding trips- For groups of minimum three persons we organize riding trips, which are the real beauty and challenge of Equestrian Tourism.
Depending on to the time that you can spend we organize excursions from 3 up to 14 days long, that include visit at touristy points in Fagaras Country, picnic in forest around, trips in horse-drawn carriage and many other surprises that we are preparing. At each rest point you will be awaited by our staff that will take care of supplies for you and horses. Sample of riding itinerary

Horse-drawn carriage trips – will take you anywhere you want in Fagaras Country on itinerary conceived so that you can visit as many touristy points as possible.

Riding lessons – depending on your experience riding lessons will begin in riding school area under supervision of our experienced trainer, followed by short rides in surroundings. For children Culda’s Horses have gentle and trained for riding pony which will win the sympathy of the little and older ones. To learn the basics of riding you’ll need 5 to 10 sessions and after that you can take part in riding trips from 3 up to 14 days that we organize.

Geting ready for trip
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Party at fire camp
A begining.