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Located between Olt and Fagaras mountain Fagaras Country (as it is written in historical documents) is legendary land.
It is surrounded on all the sights by natural beautyes: Fagaras Mountain in south, Tarnavelor Plateau in north, Persani Mountain in east, Racos Pass in north-east and in west Sibiu Depression.
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We find Fagaras Country in documents for the first time in 1922, and that suggest the permanence of autochthon population on this land.

The fortress – stretching on over 5 hectares the Castle-fortress Fagaras is over 660 years old. The architectural complex compound form a castle with 4 towers in corners and fortified inside, thick walls dotted with watch paths and shooting holes.

Brancoveanu Monastery – located on Sambata Valley at the foot of Fagaras Mountains near Sambata de Sus village exist one of the most beautiful foundation of Martyr King Constantin Brancoveanu.

Near Vad village we find natural reservation Narcissus Glade; the beauty of this flowers is a joy occasion in April and May.

Fagaras Mountain
- the highest in Romania nicknamed "Transylvanian Alps" are outstanding by their wilderness. Here you will find natural reservation of rhododendrons Piatra Caprei (Chamois’s Stone). Fond of mountain trips have here a large chain of chalet.

Fagaras Castle
Brancoveanu Monastery
Narcisus Glade
Urlea Lake